I we not the local newsagents to get a new black calligraphy felt tip, but they didn’t have any, so I ended up getting myself a magazine. I’m such a sucker for butterfly stamps that I didn’t even realise how beautiful all the stamps are, especially the rose. There are some good design ideas in the magazines, even using a couple of punches and dies that I have, others adding to my crafty wish list, which is growing as we speak. One of the pages had some beautiful free digistamps, but the link they had there, their server was down. Hopefully it was temporary, as the only copy I could find was watermarked. The page was www.jellypark.co.uk, in case it comes back up, or google “jellypark digi stamps” to look at them.
I realised that I buy a whole load of girly type supplies, but don’t make many girly, florally, pink cards. Usually I specialise the card to the person, and not many people I know like that stuff, maybe three if I’m lucky. Maybe I should find another use, or make a bunch of cards for things like selling, or presents themselves. I just have so many things I want to try all at the same time, all while wanting to sort out my craft room. Unfortunately, its been so hot I haven’t had the energy for anything.
Bring on the winter- I can craft under my blankie!

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