This is what I made my World of Warcraft loving partner. He took this photo, that’s why it actually looks nice. The hearthstone is an item in the game that returns you to a set point known as your hearth, which is like your home, as it’s somewhere safe. I found a pepakura file, printed it out, put it together then covered it with a sealer for a bit of strength and protection. The sealant also made the colours brighter which was a nice surprise, although the blue did run a tiny bit. I tried to hide the score lines with a bit of white paint pen, dabbing it off a bit so there weren’t stark white lines which would be as noticeable as the black ones.
As for the calligraphy, I bought some nibs at the newsagent and tried them out with ink. I was so out of practice, as I’ve been using felt tip pens for so long, that there wasn’t enough time to get used to it again, and I ended up using a gold felt tip. I took a class on calligraphy for a couple of years about nine years ago now, but I’ve always liked calligraphy. I’ve been pretty bad at keeping up my practice, despite it being a great technique for cards. It was that course that got me really into card making, not just basic ones for my parents. The one script I can always go to without much practice is italic (not the font style.) This is because for some great reason, for my big final project, I thought I’d copy out a short version of Alice in Wonderland on a dress, which I was to sew myself. It was painstaking and I was running very late due to having issues with my essays and it was a big rush of sewing, finding tailors chalk at the local shop and the weird smell of watered down fabric paint mixed with fear of washing out the chalk. I wish they’d had fading markers around then. All this and I still only just passed (Calligraphy is based as a craft subject, so they mark you on the skill, not the effort of the piece). So although italic has some stressful memories, it is a handy, all-round script to use.
Now I need to practice my favourite, Old English.

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