So, I got out my quilling supplies for a few reasons. One- I like making these coin things and they will totally be legal tender of my dream world that I own. Two- I’ve seen some pretty inspiring quilled cards lately and I might get around to making if I stop making coins. Three- I finally found a silicone chocolate mould with perfect domes to use with the resin, in which, these coins would look lovely, whether it’s by themselves, with die cut letters, painted on or layered together.
I originally wanted the domes to glue to pictures to make fridge magnet/paper weight things. These domes are about 1 ¼ inch wide at the edge, so too small for a paper weight, but being a dome, they can be smaller, the shallower it’s filled. It’ll be an opportunity to use up the last of the horrible resin that I have on trialling, then I’ll have to buy some good resin online.
I have such a long list of things I want to try in art and craft alone. I have hundreds of notes on my phone and so many notebooks filled. If I never had another idea, I’d be set for life. So I have to screen my ideas, which is sometimes easy because they can be silly. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and try to do so many things at once that I burn out. It’s all so exciting that I can’t decide on what to work on and end up getting nothing done. I really need a way to organise my ideas, so that they don’t all need to be done right now, but I won’t have the fear of losing the energy or ideas if I leave it. Of course one good thing of leaving it is refinement and thinking of variations that wouldn’t be thought of when jumping right into a project. But that often leads to obsession and I make the project up so much in my head that I either get sick of it or it gets too scary that I’ll mess it up.
My head is too full for its own good sometimes.

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