I was watching a livestream of a friend who draws, and she was uploading her images to redbubble (an online T-shirt shop, where you upload your image and they do all the printing and delivery side.) It made me more motivated towards designing t-shirts, as the site says “You’ve got nothing to lose” and “it’s free.” I guess this is a great incentive, as I don’t have to buy or spend anything on production costs or materials. Basically, they set the production cost and you set a fee on top of that for use of your design, which is what you’ll get from each sale.
There are quite a few sites that do this like spreadshirt, society6, zazzle or redbubble. Most of them don’t only print shirts, but cups, pillows, posters, hoodies, phone cases and more. The only thing to make sure of is copyrights, as many sites will take these down to prevent issues.
As for the image above, I wanted to redraw an old image that I named “fire fairy.” She was a manga figure with a corset, thigh high stockings and a short skirt. Her wings were in the shape of a butterfly with a generic fire texture, in the centres, taken from the program that came with our scanner. So many people liked it, as did I, so I wanted to see if I could update her. After I had drawn the face, I knew it would be an older version of the fairy, as though she had aged the ten years with me. So I lengthened her skirt, gave her a fuller figure, and changed her hair. I completely changed the wings to a natural flame design, and used the skirt to morph into an abstract kind of thing. I’m not sure what I was thinking, but I could use that area to flow into some calligraphy. With some work, this may make a nice shirt design. I couldn’t do any more work on it until I’ve scanned it, because I’m liking it so much.
Here’s a link to my original version.


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