Playing around with more tags. I bought this pack of tags in a variety store, quite cheaply. There’s about 50 in various sizes made of paper and comes with a small amount of ribbon. I wanted to see if I’d use them enough to justify buying a tag die set. I’ve never really used tags before, as we’ve always used a card to label gift recipients, but colouring them has been quite fun and simple to do between tasks or while watching things. Also, I can use them on cards and labels for boxes. I’m sure I could think of more uses if I tried.
The first one, with rainbow dashes, isn’t quite finished, because you can’t read the stamp well and I couldn’t find my white gel pen. This was more about the technique, which I had refined in my head, but hadn’t gotten to trying. It’s basically stippling with the chisel end of a marker. This could be done with calligraphy markers, sharpies or the side of a brush marker, to make a drop shape. You could also use tiny stamps with inks, even make your own mini stamps in pencil erasers. It doesn’t have to be multicolour, I just like the stippled rainbow look.
The kittens were from a valentine’s stamp set, and I’ve probably shown it before, but it look exactly like my cats, so I love using it. The only problem is that they are brother and sister, and getting them that close without them fighting would be unrealistic, let alone with hearts. But I can dream.
The fish was pretty straight forward, basic colouring. The water seems a little dark, but that will make any bubbles I add later show up nicely, and it’s such a nice colour. The round tags would be easy to make with the dies and punches that I have now, but I do like the tag shaped ones. The die set I have my eye on has all shapes and sizes of dies, so it might be worth it.
The final tag here, with the elephant was coloured purple with a background of yellow, I think because I’ve been seeing some lovely vivid images where the subject is a bright golden yellow, with a purple shadow, but it doesn’t go muddy in the transition. I think it goes more through red to get to the purple than straight through brown. I was thinking of this when I chose these colours. Putting on a lot of colour wasn’t the best on this unknown paper, as it bled quite well, and this was my second one, as the first was too dark and seeped too far to cover up.
Another advantage of the dies, is using your own paper, that you’ve practiced on. I was thinking that I could laminate the tags, since being paper, are quite flimsy and likely to rip, after you’ve gone through all the trouble to colour, stamp and decorate nicely. The copic marker did bleed through to the other side of the tag so easily, so to write a recipient, I’d have to glue another tag to the back if it.


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