A gift tag with a stamp coloured as my little cat, Willow.
I’m at the stage now, where money would be a lovely thing to have, and my strongest skill set, as you may know, is art and crafts. Unfortunately, my weakest point is people skills and selling myself, which happens to be higher in importance than creativity when selling arts and crafts.
I could always monetize this blog, meaning I’d have to take real photos and put ads in, but I’m not sure about doing all that.
Selling on etsy (or anywhere else for that matter) scares me. Sure there are plenty of things I could sell and I’ve seen plenty of things on there that would be below my standards of what I’d sell, but I still have a fear that something will go wrong. If I forget a package, or get sick and can’t work, I’d be so upset. I’m not good with stress and I’m unorganised and often lose motivation when left to my own devices. I’ve read countless selling guides, have selling calculator apps, lists upon lists of ideas of things to sell and everyone I know (and some I don’t) telling me that I should set up shop.
Although it seems like its all thought through and researched, I have a ways to go before I’ll be able to sell. Perhaps this will be a log of my journey.

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