I decided to try copics directly onto the cake wrappers today. It worked wonderfully. The colours went on so well it almost looks airbrushed, and even kept the shimmery glossy texture of the paper.
You’d be able to do this if you were using them on cupcakes, since these wraps have inserts where you put the cake, so it isn’t touching the ink. You could use paint, or make blank ones, taking the pattern yourself, and write, stamp, paint or draw a theme of the party on there. I did this because the first thing I thought was to colour under the cutout, and leave the cupcake wrapper blank. Then I thought to do the opposite, and colour the cutout and punt it on a plain background. I started doing the background in copics, but it didn’t have the effect I wanted, so I’ll get out my watercolours to try another time.
I measured my craft room for a fresh change and plan where my new cupboards are to go. What I do is get some graph paper, and measure each piece of furniture as well as the room itself. I then convert every 10 centimetre into one square on the grid ( using a 5mm grid.) I then cut out the furniture, allowing me to place it on the room, not forgetting doors, windows and power points. This allows me to see if all pieces fit without moving the furniture itself. I took a photo of each idea as reference, and got my partner to check if it looks good and logical. I nearly forgot the power point, and put my table in the corner with no light, and far from the power point for the lamp.
Moving paper is much easier than moving tables, but then again the fan doesn’t blow the furniture away…


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