I was waiting for a call today, that never came, but while I was waiting, I decided to cut apart one of the cupcake decorations, to see how many I’d get out of it. I thought I’d clip off a few wings trying to get complete butterflies, but with a small amount of effort, I was able to divide all the butterflies cleanly.
I remembered after yesterdays post that I had seen a lady in a video, a while ago, who kept a box on her desk of things that she’d bought but hadn’t used yet. This might be a good idea for me, as I tend to put things away and forget that I have them. Also being on your desk, makes you more likely to use them, in theory. I think I will need two boxes. One for new things to play with and one for current projects. I often get half way through a project and lose pieces, or have to stuff it in a box for inspection… I mean clean up. Perhaps I need a few bags so I can rotate projects and plan new ones, and put things together as I find them. I’ve seen a card maker do this with folders, but I’m not only working in 2D.
The troubles with being a multicrafter are plenty.

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