So…  I went shopping and got way over my carrying limit. Hope I’m not too sore tomorrow. But I did get all the cubes that I wanted for my book cases. I originally thought I’d get pink, blue and green, but they didn’t have green. I ended up with pink, blue, purple, black and white, which are all nice. They do need to be aired out, as they smell badly.
I also bought a letter die set from kaisercraft, which is nice and versatile. I was tossing up between this and a grass edge punch, but I’ll have more uses for this. I was a bit shocked to find a magnetic sheet within the packaging, without notice of it. If I had rested it on my computer, speakers or phone (anything with memory storage or magnetic parts) that could have been devastating. I know this is a common way to store them, but I’ve never bought dies that come with the magnetic sheets. Some notice would have been nice.
I got more white card. I tried looking for a hundred pack, but they only had them in every other colour. I will continue this quest another day, for now I will battle on with this small pack of 25.
I decided to get a magazine, since I haven’t bought one since before Christmas, and the stamp set that came with it was so diverse and pretty. It had a whole page with sentiments, hearts, babies, bride and groom, keys, a typewriter and more. I’m slowly getting all my stamps into a folder (as told previously) and it might go quicker bow that I have a clean desk…for now.
I found a white paint pen for cheap, which I can use for labeling dark things, or to put highlights and sparklies on images. It says they write on ceramic, so I might have to play with that later on.
As I was hobbling out the shop with my twelve boxes (so heavy!), I came across some lacy paper cupcake sleeve things. I’m not the best at baking, but I didn’t think of these for cakes. I was drawn to the butterfly pattern, but there was two for five dollars, so I found another quickly, a lattice design. Apart from just sticking these to a card, I could cut out the butterflies, or use these as stencils. I try to think of at least two uses before I buy something, and this passed that test.
I’ll just put them in the pile with all the other things to do.

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