Lookie what I got! Actually there’s two of them, but I couldn’t put it up yet. My parents bought them for me. They must have gotten sick of me saying I’ll get them one day. I have to get some cube boxes to put in it, but we only have a couple of days until inspection and my craft room looks like an explosion happened in a craft and box factory.
In other news, we got a printer today, which includes a scanner and copier. This will be very useful for drawings, scanning them for digital use, or copying for colouring trials and printing to colour. I also have some 3d paper modelling projects that I want to make, but I can’t go into that yet. The printer is wireless and I found it can print lined or grid paper at any time, which is pretty awesome. I also would like to make an inspiration wall, which the printer will become handy for and I can keep all my drawings safe on a hard drive.
So many uses so little time.
Now that I think- I’m glad we bought extra ink cartridges!

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