Today I had the thought to punch or die cut shapes out of white card, then colour them in with copics. I know this isn’t the thought of the century, and everyone must come to realise it on their own, in their lifetime, but now was my time. I thought about colouring he paper before punching, but this way you can put colours specific to the shape, like shading. Also this doesn’t leave the chance of the white core of the paper showing. You could always make it one colour and use it to match coloured images on a card or something. I think I’ve seen people do that, on YouTube, but they didn’t do much blending which was more what I was focussing on here. The colours that I put on the butterfly reminds me of a rainbow ice cream that I love. Now I need ice cream.
I spent a part of today looking up craft room inspiration, as I’m going to buy a nice couple of cube storage shelving units. I drew up a diagram of what to put in each square, and where to put the fabric drawers so I could figure out how many I’d need. Because of my bad health, I need to plan everything out exactly, because I won’t have the energy or strength to change my mind or play around with furniture in the midst of cleaning. I’m hoping there’ll be enough storage. I’ll likely use some large containers for boxes, construction, wool and maybe fabric. I’m excited to the room to be finished. But its going to take a lot of time and effort, but hopefully I can earn the right to use an awesome room, by making it an awesome room.
My craft room is meant to be my sanctuary, but at the moment, I can barely get in there.


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