City appointment after payday equals art shop! I filled in some gaps in my copic collection, and bought nine new colours and a refill for one of my most used skin colours. I also picked up a pad of A4 bleedproof marker paper when I was there. The guy who served me gave me a free copic colour chart mouse pad, which is pretty nice. I asked him how he knew I liked copics, I must have a vibe about me.
The marker paper I got was the art shop brand, so I thought it’d be better than the cheap brand from the newsagent, but it reacts weirdly to the copics. The cheap version has a wax or plasticy coating on the back, which prevents bleeding through, but still allows blending. The art shop paper seems to have the resistant material mixed into the paper, preventing layering and blending is a bit harder. Plain marker lines and dotting texture works fine, but it seems to pick up the multiliner ink much easier, which was annoying.

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