Playing with masking fluid, also known as liquid frisket. I used it on a page in my copic Bristol book, so I could blend colours. It was meant to be a zentangle doodle type thing but I got bored and just did a bunch of dots and things. I also wrote a quote on some watercolour paper to play with later. I love the look of the crisp white against watercolours, when the mask is removed, so I hope the copics look just as nice. I was unsure if the copics would creep under the frisket as it seeps into the paper to blend, but it didn’t in a video that I watched, so it should be ok. This was also an experiment to how thick the liquid needed to be, as I think a thinner layer would be harder to pull off the paper. One of the thicker dots came off as I was blending over it, so I had to pat the colour in those areas. It’s been a long time since I’ve tried masking fluid, so it all feels like new. The big reveal in any masking exercises is exciting, and you don’t have to cut out fiddly shapes.

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