Here’s a picture I drew yesterday to colour with copics. I began with a tutorial for a side view of the head. I’ve had a bit of trouble with this lately, and decided to learn a new technique for it. From there, as the tutorial didn’t have hair or neck, I decided to flick through my picture folder and take different elements from pictures. I took the fringe from one, the ponytail from another, the clothes and necklace loosely based off others. I didn’t copy directly, I took the item or hair style and applied it to the view I had to work with. This made the process slightly easier than thinking from scratch, each element.
I have a very large amount of pictures on my computer that I use for inspiration or practice. Most artists call this a visual library, and it adds to your knowledge of objects. I know I’ll always have reference material on hand, and the internet is full of useful things. I haven’t been able to study art at university, so I’m trying my hardest to teach myself. Life certainly tries to get in the way, but I’ll always make time for my creativity.


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