Finalllleeeeee got my copics package today! Feels like I waited forever… But they actually came two days early.
Above is a rather bad trial of trying out the colours. Without knowing what blends well, it’s tricky. I guess people don’t usually show of their first attempts, which often leaves people like me to believe the work artists do is always premium quality, as that’s all we see from them. But this blog is about creativity and the trial and error process to get there. I found that some of the colours in the copics were quite similar, and weren’t even varied enough to blend as shadows. As expected, the colours were completely different from the computer screen. They are mostly darker than they looked. I think I will buy single ones from the store from now on, to fill in gaps in my collection. With less waiting time, real life colours and the experience and journey of going to the art store might just out weigh what I’d save buying them online. I ended spending more time drawing pictures than colouring them, but there was a new chibi tutorial on my Facebook feed that I wanted to try. I think I could have done better, but I rushed so that I could colour. I’ve never been one to take time in my drawings and was always ahead of others in drawing courses, but it never usually affected my quality of work. Perhaps because I’m trying new things. I need to learn to walk before I can run…


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