I wasn’t able to do anything drawing wise, since my hands were playing up still, and I have plenty of homework to do. Here’s that sketch that I was talking about yesterday (top image), and the reference image (from the anime Psycho-Pass). I told you it was intricate. It doesn’t even look as tricky until you get into the details. It is by no means an exact copy, I didn’t even use measurements for proportion, and freehanded it all. I’m unsure on how to proceed with inking, as all the lines on the gun are green, and the gun itself is black, but if I ink with green, I’ll have issues with the pencil, and I can’t erase it first because it’s too detailed to remember where the lines go. I guess this is why I’d use pencils and a light table, but I think the paper would be too thick, not pick up all the details and I’d have to draw it again and again. This was more about the image concept and colouring, so it’s not too much of an issue. I’ll probably line in thin black, then make a small green line next to it.


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