Mmmmm. Art supplies. I went into the city to get some things in preparation of the arrival of the new copic markers. I got a very small sketchbook of Bristol smooth paper, which is meant to be nice for using with Copics. I wanted to get some X-press It blending card, but they don’t stock it anywhere close, so I might get that online. I bought some liquid frisket/masking fluid because when I wanted some, I couldn’t find it in the shop, so I picked it up while I could. I got two new copic multiliners, in .03 and .3, and I bought a refill for my golden yellow (Y17) copic, since I use it a lot. I should be able to get 15 copic ciao refills out of one container, for the price of under 2 markers, so it’s a good investment. Perhaps I won’t be so conservative while using them on things in fear that they’ll run out.
I got a tiny sketchbook so that I could practice small pieces without using too much inks but learn techniques by trialing swatches on good paper. The pages are probably a good size for small chibi characters and thumbnails. Also I can use the pages on cards, as it’s nice and small.

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