Today was a long day. And for me, long days mean pain. This drawing was to distract me so I was able to function at my family’s dinner. Often as a distraction of pain I need a visual, mental and audio stimulus. Too much and I get panic attacks, so drawing helps regulate and calms me down as I use distraction. Art therapy is a useful tool, and I have used art to help with depression over the years. One therapist I had got me to draw my life as I see it, then we went over each bit, and he went through the drawing with me, offering suggestions to what things mean, and it was a nice way for me to express feelings that I can never put into words. It was very helpful, and if you get the opportunity, I recommend trying it. Even if you just draw it for yourself, or write words. Whatever your best outlet is. It helped me understand where things are and what is most important in my life. The image will be constantly changing as your life is. Perhaps making it a yearly routine and keeping it in a journal.
While you’re drawing, you can be in control, even when your life is in chaos.


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