Little sketch of Link from memory. I wanted a basic small image that I could practice inking and colouring. Link is a good subject for practice, as he has been portrayed in a wide range of styles, he’s quite well known and he wears multiple coloured tunics with the same shape.
I finally ordered my copics! So excited. I had to get in sent to my house otherwise I’d have to travel to my postbox all the time to check if they arrived for two weeks. I was nearly ready to buy the ’36 set A’ when I decided to check if I’d get any doubles. Luck I did, because I would have had 13 doubles. I went through all the sets A-E, and found that set D had had only one double, and a nice range of colours. There seemed to be a lack of yellows, but I can buy individual ones to fill in any gaps. Also the colours online are so far from the actual colours, it’s hard to tell, and will be a bit exciting to see what the colours look like. I thought it was my monitor distorting the colours, but they were weird on other screens. My phone actually showed the closest, but still off by far. That’d have to be the main problem of buying art supplies online. So jealous of other countries and their art stores. Even other states are better stocked than mine.
I’ll pick some marker paper and new fineliners up to go with my copics. I keep having to switch during inking because they run out or are too awkward and thick. It isn’t good to switch like that, as I can’t remember if the ink is water proof or alcohol resistant. With three different inks I could have both. So best to get a set of fineliners and stick to them.

Copics on the way! 😀


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