I know it’s a few days early for New Years, but I have decided that this year, I will focus more on my art. I would like to get better at full images, not static design like poses. I would like to get better at colours. I know the colour wheel in and out, but I’m not using colour to it’s full potential, but I will learn. My goal to aim for is to produce an image (at least one) that I myself would be comfortable and proud to sell and wear on a T-shirt.
Since I came third in a T-shirt design competition this year, I’ve come to see how much seeing my designs on t-shirts would be an awesome and thing. Perhaps I will enter it again with my gained knowledge. It was my first large image and I hadn’t been practising using my wacom tablet, so the fact that I won third was pretty awesome. I know I needed a lot more shadow for contrast so it would read better when printed, so that will be on my list of things to get better at.
Perhaps a series of postcard sized images would be useful practice, and I could give them as presents and use on cards.
Our walls are fairly blank in my house at the moment, so I’ll have to do something about that.
By writing this here, it is my mission statement that I can focus on, and have witnesses to support me in my endeavour.
Now I have to go do homework >_<'

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