Today’s art exercise was about using a light table (or a glass computer table with a nightlight where the keyboard is meant to go) to ink my own drawings, so there is not indents and flaws in the paper. This way inking or coloured pencils don’t get caught in grooves from the pencil sketch, and when scanning its a lot easier to clean up the lines without using a blue pencil.
Basically I drew a rough image, where I could have guidelines and sketchy lines, then using the light table, ink directly onto another piece of paper. This way you not only won’t mess up the original sketch, but this let’s me play around with positions, since I could draw each element individually, then bring them together without worrying about sketching behind something to figure our size. Also, I was able to do the original sketch on cheap printer paper, which I like to use for ideas, then I inked the image onto bleedproof marker paper, saving pages of better paper if I need to rework the sketch.
This image is of a plush toy of Link from Legend of Zelda and a figurine of Sylvanas from World of Warcraft that I bought my partner for Christmas. We were playing around with Link and I ended up giving him a drunken personality. We decided this would be a good comic strip, where he picks fights with the cats and loses. I’ve always thought that toys come to life and have adventures (even before Toy Story came out) so it isn’t hard to imagine what this drunk toy could do. I thought he might try to pick up the first lady he sees, which of course was Sylvanas. My partner doesn’t usually take the figures out of the box, as was the case here, so I incorporated it into the drawing. It’s so wonky, but I didn’t notice until I took the photo. The inking isn’t complete, as Link has a bottle of Jack Daniels next to him. I didn’t put a lot of effort into getting things right. I think I just wanted to rush to the colouring, and I didn’t focus on inking nicely or getting perspective right. It was meant to be much smaller, but I just went for it.
Lessons have been learned.

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