I began wrapping presents today, but while I was in the middle of the first one, I realised I didn’t have tags for the cards. You don’t usually need them for birthday presents, so I forgot. Lucky for me, I was able to use my circle dies again.
Ensuring I had a double sided patterned paper (the one I chose was red one side, green the other) so that the tag looked good from both sides, I stuck a smaller yellow circle for writing the names. Using a regular office hole punch, I created a hole for threading ribbon through to attach to the presents. I would have liked to used white card, but it appears to have become a ninja, and I can’t find it anywhere.
I was thinking of cutting a circle of card and one of the wrapping paper the same size and gluing them together. That way they’d match the presents and look nice. I might still try it, as I’ve only wrapped two presents so far.
I love wrapping presents!


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