This morning there was a link from my partner. He’s always volunteering me for things, and tells me afterwards. This time it was someone we know asking our gaming community to come up with a dragon skulls tattoo design. I had drawn dragons before, but never dragon skulls. People have told me before that I should do tattoo designs and I like a challenge occasionally, so I decided to try some drawings and see how I go. I couldn’t really imagine any ideas on how to go about this, so I looked up dragon skulls in google images. I found a sculpture of a skull and began to draw it. The guy asked for a line drawing with no colour, but I’m not sure if that included shading, so I’m doing it without for now. This drawing is only my first try and was copying mainly so I can get an idea of the shapes involved and form ideas. It looks a lot like a normal dragon, probably because the bones look like scales and without shading its hard to define otherwise. Also I added the eye as an undead dragon idea, but it looks too alive and I’ll try a version without it.
The ideas of tattoos are great to me, but the fear of having something go wrong or not liking it terrifies me. Between the artist creating the piece, the tattoo artist and the ink and skin, there’s so much that can go wrong but when it’s done well they can be beautiful.
I saw a woman with ‘imperfection is beauty’ written beautifully across her shoulder. Ironically she was wearing so much makeup that her face was all one colour.
I don’t have any tattoos, but if I ever do get one it would have to be one of my own designs, as I’d always be picking at it and criticising whatever’s there.

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