More sequin embellishments! I got a few more colours of sequins, so I started making more circles. Using the flower shaped sequins look quite good. I can’t wait to see how they turn out with  more layers.
I also bought a heart paper embosser, some wooden shapes (including butterflies : ), some metallic starry paper, Christmas wrap and a couple of heart stamps that I’m yet to try.
I also had to get some replacement blades for my Fiskars paper trimmer, that I’ve only had since June, so six months. I guess I do use it a fair amount and replacement blades come in a two pack which is nice.
I was in the library, looking at sewing books, and saw buttons that had been covered with little embroidered images like bunnies and snails. They were so cute, that I looked through my stash of buttons to find ones with shanks that I could cover. There wasn’t nearly as many as I thought there would be, but enough to play around with. That way I can figure out what size and type of button will work best and buy some more. I could even get buttons made for covering, but no point in spending extra money unless I have a use for them.

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