There was a gorgeous baby at the doctors today. She had a pink hoodie and a big pink tutu like dress. She was plopped on the floor in a pile of pink and was too cute not to draw.
I often find it awkward drawing people in public. It’s excellent practice, but its like taking a photo with flash on. You try and be descreet as you can, but if you take out a sketchbook and pencils, it feels odd to me. Then people look at what you’re drawing and watch you draw, which I never minded in art classes… Though gathering an audience when they were meant to be working was strange enough. But I just feel weird doing it in public. I guess that’s why I draw babies with pen on lined paper. Most people look at babies for an extended amount of time and I was writing lists in between drawing as a cover story.
Maybe it’s just me. Or maybe I should be a busker. It’s not weird then.


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