Today I decided I needed to keep all my embellishments together, as I usually have them scattered around and usually end up on the floor or lost someplace and I can’t use them. Lucky I had a couple boxes empty from being in the middle of bead sorting. I just have to be careful not to bend some of the larger ones, or store them in the large box that I keep cutouts in. This way I can easily see what I have and set it out in a way that all I have to do is mix and match and glue. I’ve started cutting rectangles that fit on the card bases as a background and embossing, cutting and punching pieces that will be the building blocks of the cards. This would be great to do year round, making whipping up a card quickly much easier. You get the time saving craft, with personal embellishments that you made when you had more time.
A lot of people make cookie-cutter cards, making them all the same. This would be quicker, but I’ve never been one for repetition in crafts and if the recipients open them at the same party, they’ll all be special.
Now, all I have to do is put my ideas into practice. Easier said than done 😛

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