Printed out a bunch of Christmas sentiments. Its surprising the amount of people prefer ‘Merry Christmas’ as opposed to ‘Happy Christmas’. And don’t ever write Xmas…
This is easy to do, just grab some free fonts from the internet (make sure they’re free for public use if selling them), or use the ones with your computer. Using a word program, write out sentiments to fill up a page. Select each one, and choose a font from the drop down box. I got about 25 to a page using two columns, at this size, it isn’t too big to fit on cards. You can change the colours, if your printer allows. Mine doesn’t. Print them out.
Its pretty straight forward if you know what you’re doing. If not, go do a basic computing course.
This is a great option for me, as I don’t have many Christmas sentiment stamps, or inks. But the printer ink isn’t as good as ink designed for crafts. It depends on your printer. Most libraries and community centres have computer and printer access, and a small fee for each page printed, but they usually have word and a nice printer. They probably won’t let you install fonts, though.
Be aware of copyrights, and you can print things for any occasion.
Also, there are plenty of free digistamps you can print, and colour later. Not sure that the ink would be usable with water or alcohol markers.


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