Tip #8


So many people are crazy about shimmer these days. It seems all the trend with their wink odefinately and their pearl pigments. Not once have I heard them mention iridescent medium by Reeves. I found this in the art section of my craft store, and it’s intension is to mix with any acrylic paint to make it shimmery. The medium part in the name means it has the same basic structure of acrylic paint, and will mix well with it. There are so many mediums you can get, some to build texture, or some slow drying to make them more oil paints, but less toxic.
Back to iridescent medium. This acts similarly to acrylic in the way that you can dilute it slightly with water, and paint it on surfaces. This is semi transparent, so it will show the colour of paint or paper from beneath, but it will be slightly more pale and shimmery. I’ve made my own shimmer paper this way, as well as using watercolours with it. Mixing the medium with acrylic directly will give you an opaque shimmery look with just one coat of colour. You get quite a bit to use in one tube, as a little goes a long way.
This purchase was definitely worth it in my case, and it wasn’t too expensive.


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