Day #171


Today was an interesting day with crafts. Such as colouring in a money box car with red marker and paint over it with red glitter, only to have the marker ink reactivate and make an exact blood red. Then I tried to glue rhinestones to a bear money box, only to have them slide down the face slowly because the glue somehow got watery with the heat. Next was making roses with dictionary paper from a book I got at the thrift store the other day, and the pages were so thin that I had to paint glue over them, just so I could bend the petals properly. So they don’t look nearly as good as I’d hoped. Finally, I was bored and decided to play around with felt. Basically, I flicked through my craft folder of pictures on my computer, and made things inspired by the pictures. The sheep was a finger puppet, the circles were flower shapes, the cat was a keyring, and the underwear… was on a bear. A little clay one. None of the colours are the same, apart from the sheeps coat.
In other news, I found my iron, so if I don’t melt, I might get some sewing done. Mind you, everything is a mess, I’ve been crafting in three separate rooms to save cleaning up. I really should get on that.

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