Day #168


Busy sewing day, today. I almost finished a belt, did a fair bit of a bag, half made a pincushion and half heartedly made a cat ball.
The reason I couldn’t finish the belt was that I started using the eyelets that I had gotten the other day with my eyelet setter, but they didn’t come with washers, they were gold instead of silver to match the buckle, and they were too small for the buckle to fit into. So that project has to wait to be finished.
Next, I began making my bag. I’m using instructions for a bag, but created my own pattern from the pictures, as I wanted mine bigger, and couldn’t print out the pattern. Essentially it was a square with rounded corners, so easy to reproduce in the size I wanted. I can’t find my iron from when we moved, but i have to find it to flatten the strap.
As for the pincushion, the glue is currently drying, and is functional for the moment, just needs some decorating with some paint and ribbon. It’s actually a box, so I might clean up the inside edges, and I can keep a miniature sewing kit with small scissors and thread in it.
As for the cat toy, I felt like making something, and couldn’t think of anything else. It was quick and cats don’t care if they can see the stitching.

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