Day #166


Mini shopping spree. Took more time travelling than shopping, but I wanted sushi from a particular place.
So I got another sticker alphabet. These seem to have formed a collection in my stash, because I never had the right one for the job, and they are so useful. This one is very small, and is nice and bold. The good thing is the smaller the letters, the more you get on a sheet for the same price :P.
I originally set out to buy a cleaning brush for my new sewing machine, because it didn’t come with one. I couldn’t find any, but I bought a box to put all my needles, bobbins and anything that goes with the machine.
In the remnants bin, I found a metre of denim that would be great for bags or cat toys. It was only on the way home that I remembered that I’d need a different needle in my machine to use it. By the time I get to washing the fabric, I’ll probably have bought some.
While thinking up designs for a bag, a couple have drawstrings, so when I saw the eyelet setter, I thought I might as well try it out. No harm of having it on hand, as it’s a useful tool.
I got a small leaf punch, which is the perfect size and shape to pair with the paper roses that I make sometimes.
Lastly, I got a vanishing fabric marker. While I was watching YouTube videos about sewing, I was shocked that they were using pen on the light coloured fabrics. It wasn’t until today, in the shop, that I read the pen disappears after 48 hours or so. I wonder if the ink ever disappears while in the pen. Maybe that’s why it says to keep out of the heat.
I’ve been watching videos about thrift store fashion transformations. One girl in particular, Coolirpa, is very talented. The only problem is that all the videos seem to show how to make clothes smaller to get them to fit. I need one that enlarges them. There’d be a huge audience for that (pun kind of intended.)

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