Day #164


Guess what I got today! That’s right, a real live working sewing machine! My parents got it for me. So happy! 😀
Sewing machines have a habit of not liking me, but I am determined to be friends with this one. Seems to work well, but I’m getting good use out of the troubleshooting section of the manual. It’s very similar to the machine I learned on, so that’s good.
I began by sewing up a small pencil case that I had cut out and pinned ages ago. It’s not straight and I didn’t use any measuring tools, but it was a test run, and it turned out quite nice. Next I made a small cat toy to keep my girl off of my lap while I was cutting.
Next, I began cutting out pieces for a dust cover for my machine. I’ve not had good experiences with wheel cutters or quilting previously, but I managed to cut out 66 squares without any cuts (apart from the cat using me as a stepping stone). Maybe I’ll have some luck in getting the squares somewhat straight. I’m not the most patient when it comes to sewing, half the time I don’t even iron. Maybe with practice and now that I have more room, I might take the time to make some awesome things.

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