Day #160


Sorry I’ve missed a couple of days, my oven had a grudge and gave me a blister. It’s lucky the nachos were good.
On another note, I got to do resin finally, yay! The only resin I could get was in a tin, which is horrible for pouring (diggers embedding and jewellery resin). The catalyst needed to be added in drops which I didn’t count properly so I put a bit extra in. It was hard to calculate, as it was 1.7 mls for a cold day and 2 mls for a hot day and 45 drops equaled 1ml. I think. Last time I checked it was getting hard, so I think its ok. Next time I’ll get the easy cast one online I think.
Can’t tell how they’ll turn out yet. I’ll find out tomorrow.
I didn’t do anything too ambitious, even though I’ve watched so many videos. Nothing I watched used the same resin that I have, so I wasn’t sure if it would work the same. It says 12 hours drying time, so I know it must act differently. I added glitter and a few stickers, all one layer so far. I’m not sure how well I’ll go at doming the pieces, as it was rather runny and I overflowed one of the pieces. It didn’t seem to have many bubbles, but I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.


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