Day #157


Shopping day, Yay! Had a short time but a fun time out. At the craft store I bought some floating charms, a chocolate mould, a silicone baking mould and a Wilton fondant mold, all for crafting purposes. I got some more white card stock, some geisha doll fabric and a cheap magazine with next to nothing good but nice patterns and colours for cutting out. I got two magazines, one on digital painting and sculpture, and a card making magazine which I got for the cute Christmas ‘me to you’ stamps and paper. I then got some beautiful turquoise glitter paint, which is the bottom right picture. The picture looks more green than it is, since it looks like green glitter floating in blue. I also picked up some bottles with fine tips which are perfect for PVA glue, especially because I buy big bottles and use them to refill the little bottles.
In the craft store, we saw scrapbooking paper that was just brown paper with coloured designs, which would be so easy to make, as I have the same stamps as the design. I’ll have to make some presents this year so I can make my own wrapping paper.
I had some fun playing with clay in the fondant mould. It works really well with the polymer clay that I used, and these would look very nice on a box project that I’m working on.
I’m excited to used the ginger bread man moulds as the examples on the packet were so cute, showing a princess and monster. It got my creatives thinking.

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