Day #155


Didn’t do a lot today. I had the energy of a pine needle. Must be the change in weather. I should migrate with the winter so I stay cold.
I felt like doing some polymer clay pieces, but only got as far as warming up three pieces of clay to push into moulds. Being silicone moulds I know it’s possible to bake the clay in them, but I like adjusting the clay, and they pop out easy enough before baking. I’m not good at mixing nice pink colours, so I’ll probably paint the S after I bake them and I’ll need to sand the back flat.
While I was cleaning, I found one box that hadn’t been painted, so I found a lovely red that suited the heart and got to painting. All these boxes that I paint will come in handy for gifts or selling eventually. For now, I have a whole drawer full, and will continue painting them for the fun of it.

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