Day #151


Bottle caps and glass stones.
I made these yesterday but I waited till the glue was dry so it didn’t look weird when I showed you. I’ve been preparing bottle caps for resin doming…which I will get to one day. With these two, I made a pair so they will match when I glue them back to back. I poured glittery nail polish into the flattened bottlecaps and after a few days, decided to used alphabet stickers and gems to decorate. I like the pink and silver against the turquoise blue. The bottle caps seem to have a coating that isn’t quite gold and isn’t quite silver, so I can use either gold or silver decorations and fittings. If you’re wondering how to flatten them, I use my big shot on I think the embossing folder platform. Make sure you buy the unused crown seals in the beer making or craft section.
As for the glass stone, I followed a tutorial on making gems out of catalogues. I had done this technique before, but it inspired me to look through some catalogues to use them up. It turns out that the shops are beginning toy sales for Christmas already, but this gave me a few Adventure Time, Hello Kitty, Winnie the pooh and Peppa Pig images to play with. Unfortunately, the stones I had had a slight blue colour to them, which distorts the colours. Maybe I’ll look for larger, clearer ones since this is a fun and easy craft.


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