Day #150


Went shopping today…
A local art and craft shop is having a closing down sale. Even though they were over priced, rude at times and so disorganised that you couldn’t find anything, they did sell a lot of things that aren’t stocked in any other shops around me. They had so much variety in a tiny shop as well as a whole wall filled with jars of beads.
Not all the things I bought today were from there. I went to a bunch of cheap variety stores and looked for glitter and screw eyepins. I couldn’t find the screw eyepins that were really small, so I got some regular eyepins and strong glue. I was also looking for a metal hole punch, for punching through bottlecaps. I found one online or I’ll look at the hardware store.
I’ve found that in cheap nail decorating sets, you can get a bunch of tiny confetti, micro marbles, rhinestones or flat back pearls. It’ll be good to use them on the bottle caps.
I have been procrastinating my cleaning by crafting so I shouldn’t be doing anymore for the next couple of days…
Maybe on breaks. 🙂


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