Day #142


So… Shopping day. I’m at the point where I’m finding I don’t really need more supplies to do any craft I feel like, so I’ve been leaning towards buying things I can decorate… Like boxes or cat shaped money boxes.
This cat came in a kids kit with watered down acrylics and a teeny paint brush, which I ended up using. Probably took an hour to slowly paint him red but it was fun. It wasn’t as relaxing as painting boxes- probably because I had to avoid areas and the brush and paint didn’t flow very nicely. He’ll need more coats and I have no idea what other colours I want. I didn’t even know he was going to be red until I got him out to paint.
I bought a magazine today, which had a die cutting plate come with it. I’m unsure if I used it wrong, but the paper was pushed so hard into the grooves that it tore trying to get it out! I guess I need to play around with it. I hope I get it to work, as it’s a lovely flourish, which I have been looking for.


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