Day #141


Today I sat at my desk for a short time, looking to do something crafty before my nap. I finished off painting a box that I had started yesterday. Painting boxes with flat colour is the thing that calms me most. I was enjoying this feeling so much, but I ran out of paper and wooden boxes to paint. I looked around my table and found a biscuit tin that I recently emptied. I love my butter cookies at Christmas, and have multiple tins around the place, so I thought I could guesso and paint them to look nicer and give me something to paint. In between coating the tin and thinking about how many coats would cover the pattern, I somehow came up with the idea of a modified paper mache. Using tissues, separated into one layer and torn into pieces, I used the gesso as the binding agent. It worked really nicely in covering the tin, it stuck brilliantly and only used one tissue for the entire top.
I was quite excited at this discovery that I decided to see how it would make vessels. Using tissue or paper towel in paper mache seems to make it more flexible, but I’m wondering what the stiff guesso will do to the structure. If this works well, I have a way to make paper containers to paint instead of buying so many, as well as an option for armour in cosplay.
Even just using this method in the top layer of your piece will help smooth and give a great even base, with no newsprint, ready to paint.

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