Day #140


Kitten prints in clay slip across my desk… >.>
I’ve been playing around with clay and silicone moulds recently. I started by trying air drying clay (non toxic thankfully for the cats.) It was kind of ok but looked a bit crumbly so I tried a slip cast. I’d only done it with kiln-clay previously so wasn’t sure if it would work the same. It’s still drying three days later, maybe due to cold weather or the amount of moisture in it, even thought they were small cavities.
I got out my super Sculpey and began making a miniature figure. Every time I try to do this, I get so frustrated and give up for a while, but thought I hadn’t tried with the super Sculpey yet, which is meant to be firmer than the normal tiny packets. I also learned that I could bake the figure in stages, so I don’t ruin bits I’ve finished while working, which is my biggest problem.
I painted half a box purple and tried putting glossy accents in a vial to see if it dries clear in big areas as I couldn’t find the result online.
Other than that, I’ve been thinking about cosplaying. I’m sure to let you in on the details once I decide some things.

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