Day #132


Inspired by : Japanese Drama Show- Love in Tokyo

As you may know I like headbands and I look for inspiration everywhere. This time I saw this lovely headband while watching some Japanese Shows and tried to create my own version.

One thing I think I find most helps when making something inspired by but not copied is to not look at the source while making. Figure it out in your head while looking then put the picture away, So, I knew the headband had pearls, hints of pink and the design went from the top to one side. If you pick out the basics, you can create something that will develop as your own instead of being limited by strict rules. The ribbon wasn’t on the original at all, but I decided that’s what I wanted.


This wonderful creation was invented by a YouTuber named PootlesPapercraft. She makes beautiful Boxes and has innovative ideas, as well as makes some lovely cards. She is also associated with a jewellery company, where she creates a locket, then creates a matching card inspired by the charms in the necklace.

Watch the tutorial here: Envelope Punch Board Petal Pot Tutorial

Don’t forget to check out her other videos, too.

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