Day #131


I was trialling watercolour resist techniques tonight.
This one above uses those metallic or shiny plastic sticker sheets that seem to be popular in scrapbooking and card making. This didn’t work too well with other stickers, so I hope you know which ones I mean. Apply stickers, and make sure they’re stuck down well- I used my bone folder to make sure, to cardstock. I’m not sure how this would work with watercolour paper, as it might absorb underneath. Then apply the watercolours, I tried to be fairly liberal to really test this and get a nice contrast against the paper. Wait for the paint to dry before peeling up stickers with a pointy tool. I’d like to test this in layers, putting a wash of colour under, but not sure how much layers the card stock can handle or if the stickers will affect the paint.
I also did a bit of heat emboss resist. This definitely didn’t work on my watercolour paper. Not sure if it was because I use low quality paper in the testing, but the embossing soaked into the paper and wasn’t shiny and resisty. It worked well on card stock and the lines were nice and clean.
I also made some glimmer mist. Considering I’ve never seen glimmer mist in my life, I assume I did ok. I mixed iridescent medium and water in a mist bottle (finally found a place that sells them individually.) I’ll find out if it worked tomorrow. Drying times are only useful when you have more things to create.

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