Day #129


Shopping day! I know I said I’m plenty stocked in the supply area, but I did need some watercolours. I picked up a magazine- Quick Cards made easy. It was the April edition, but its UK based. Not sure why it was there nearly three months late though. With the magazine I received a small pack of papers. I actually looked through all the gifts that come with the magazines to see what I’d like, then get the magazine as a bonus. They had a few with paper packs, but the butterflies in this one caught my eye. I’ve been a bit obsessed with butterflies lately. I even bought tissues that had butterflies on the box.
The watercolours I got was a Reeves set of 12. They didn’t have the watercolours in the 36 pack, but this should keep me going. Twelve is much better than three. I got some bright card in lovely bright warm colours, a pack of small punches and some pretty brads. I didn’t go overboard on suppliesand am trying to think of storage solutions. Some shelving units or bookcases seem like the best way to go, as I’ll be able to store boxes and papers without having to dig to the bottom of a pile.

So many creations, so little time.

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