Day #128


Gah! Super happy with this!! Even attached it to my cupboard to see when I’m in bed. I love this butterfly die so much (it’s to die for. Eh heh heh.) I originally wanted a butterfly die when I saw this technique of paper piecing on a YouTube video. The lady had a much less intricate die but I loved the look. I didn’t think I’d have the patience for doing this, but I persevered and anlm impressed with the results.
Today after our inspection was over, the craft ban was lifted and my creativity exploded. I began with watercolouring. I coloured heaps of pages with a mix of the three watercolours I have that actually work. I did some embossing with my big shot and hoped the watercolours would pool in the debossed areas, which they did, until it dried. Bit sucky but I can add layers and some worked better than others. After I left them to dry for a few hours, I came back and die cut a butterfly out of some the blue watercoloured paper. I was careful in trying not to lose any pieces, but I did lose one piece (50 points if you figure out which one.) Then I die cut a black butterfly. I should have done the black first, so I could keep the blue pieces there until I needed them. I cut a piece of black card and covered it with tape runner, before placing the black butterfly and all his blue pieces into the holes. All this was made up as I went, so I thought at this point that I’d put it on a card. I cut a strip of white card and cut out the butterfly again. I was going to trim it to a snug rectangle, but I decided it looked like a bookmark. So I put the butterfly in his white surroundings and decided all bookmarks need a quote. I looked up short quotes that would fit, and found one I’d saved. I thought the quote was fitting for me and my partner, as a reminder. So I got to work die cutting letters. I stuck them down, rounded corners. Cut a back panel and matted it with foam squares.
I not only came out of today with an awesome inspirational art piece, but figured out something useful. I don’t have one of those quick sticks, where you can pick up all the tiny things, nor could I find one in stores. If you roll up blue tack (which I also use as a kneadable eraser) you can form it to a point and pick up the tiniest pieces, I also used it to hold the letters while I applied glue. So now I don’t have to spend money on a tool I don’t need. Yay!
Sorry for the long post- I was excited 😀

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