Day #124


Yes, I succumbed to the latest fad craft that is rainbow looms. This was mainly to see what was so fun about it. It’s as classy as jewellery made out of rubber can be and as simple as cereal on the difficulty level. My creativity has not been exercised yet, but there were some higher skilled examples in the shop I got my kit from, showing some promise. I am a bit paranoid about rubber bands around the kittens, so I have to work at my table and make sure none fling off. Ultimately, this may end up in a box with my butterfly loom labeled “Seemed like a good idea at the time.”
Would be great for kids as a lead into knitting or crochet. But then, so is French knitting on a toilet roll with ice cream sticks and you don’t have to buy fourteen bags of millions of little bands to make something the length of the house.
I’m not sold yet, but I’ll give it a bit of a chance first. Maybe some tutorials on more skilled projects.


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