Day #122


Weird. Apparently, my last post didn’t publish, so that’s why there’s two now.
I was browsing my local newsagents when I came across a magazine that piqued my interest. I don’t usually buy crafting magazines because I can find more information online for free. But this had an embossing folder and was fairly cheap for a magazine. When I was reading through, I found that there are so many Australian websites for supplies advertised as well as some useful tips that made the purchase worth it. It even made me consider a subscription. One weird thing was the embossing folder was Christmas themed, which is a little weird for this time of year but it won’t go unused when the time comes.
I watched a video today, by ‘the Frugal Crafter’ about copyrights in crafting and if using stamps on cards to sell is violating copyright. I found it quite interesting, but I might be telling you more about the stamps i use in my blogs. Probably useful to you guys as well as the companies. I’m glad I’m learning these things before I sell. That would be awkward. Here’s that video copyright for crafters!

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