Day #111

Today I’d like to talk to you about bathroom tiles. Now, I know my Mum just rolled her eyes, but stay with me here. If you’re artistically inclined, you’ll probably susceptible to seeing details of pictures in everyday places.  This is a game me and my Dad played quite often, pointing out faces and pictures in stones or tiles. Give it a shot. Spend time looking at patterns in life. Here’s a quick sketch of what I have in my bathroom. Excuse the lines, I used the mouse.


Yay! Such fun.

In other exciting news, I went to a scrapbook shop today, and found a bunch of products I’ve been looking for! So I brought some Glossy accents and Liquid Pearls today, as well as a nice stamp set with flowers and banners.

Go party like Party Bird.

Day #110


So…incase you didn’t notice, my days happen every few days. This is mainly because I’m trying to focus on my game development course and usually only have to time to dabble or doodle that aren’t really worth writing about. Another reason is if I’m making something for someone.
Last night, as I was trying to sleep, I came up with an idea to organise my clear stamps. So today I put it into action. Well part of it. Apparently I have a lot of stamps. So, what I did was choose a theme, such as flowers, butterflies or birthdays, and stamp out all stamps in that genre onto printer paper. Then I laminated it, leaving a perfect surface for stamps to stick to. Of course they’re all backwards when they’re on there, but its easy enough to tell what’s what. The problem with laminating is that they’re too big to fit in the plastic sleeves of the folder I was going to put them in. I may have to trim the sides.
While going through my stamps, I discovered two more stamps. Possibly due to heat, but one was still gooey and stuck everywhere. I really have to sort them soon, so I don’t lose any more.

Day #109


I was watching YouTube today (big surprise) and on the channel Threadbanger they have Man vs Pin, where the guy tries out things from pinterest to test their validity. In the video he was trying out nail polish wire flowers and failed hard. He eventually got tacky glue and covered it with that first but it really isn’t necessary. I deduced that his petals were too wide- the smaller the space the easier and he was trying to paint it on like an invisible petal was there. The idea is to form a surface exactly as though you were making a bubble. You need a lot of polish on the brush, so its nearly dripping, and slide it sideways along the section. Once the polish makes a surface, you’ll be able to see any thin spots. You need to rotate the flower to even out the polish or it will pop. It’s very easy once you get the hang of it, doesn’t take long and they look so pretty (the pic does no justice.)
Before adding the polish, you need to make the flower, just get some thin, flexible wire and twist petals, a stem and maybe a leaf or two. There are tutorials on this on the net but I just played around until I liked the look.
I used a polystyrene block to stick my flowers in as they dried. It’s quick drying but I think if you laid them down, all the polish would end up in one direction.

Day #108


Playing around after finishing an assignment. It’s nice to not have guilt that you should be doing something else while crafting. Mind you my house is a mess and I need to sort out my craft room, but other than that guilt free until tomorrow when I start my next assignment.
I brought some coloured card yesterday in pastel colours to make card bases, as well as other projects, so I cut and folded each colour into cards. I decided as I was doing this that I didn’t like the look. It was very primary school. But I still went ahead and tried some techniques. In the end I didn’t mind the green butterfly one. Something isn’t right with the valentine’s one. I stamped the edge border but missed too much of the bottom and there’s a space just under the sentiment that bothers me. I put the red bow hoping it would draw your attention upwards but I still think it’s noticable.
I have so much trouble making cards if I don’t know who they’re for, or making them to think about selling. Perhaps I should get stock images of random people and make up stories. Like ” this is Margery. She’s turning 85. She likes flowers, tea parties and heavy metal.” It might help. You never know what people want to buy. Maybe pick a random theme, colour and occasion and make it work.
Even if I don’t like the cards I make, I still learnt from them and can use and build on those skills. It’s all creativity to me.

Day #107


Had some Christmas paper on my desk so I thought I’d whip up an idea for a Christmas card. I like the swirly bits.
I was joking with my partner that we should make cards and presents at the start of the year for everyone, except we won’t know what they like at the time or something. I figure Christmas cards can be made at any time and they don’t have to be specific. Also with all the people who missed out last year will want one this year so I’ll have more to make. Only 7 and a half months till Christmas.

Day #106


Night owling again. Playing with some tiny gold brads and sequins. I suppose these could be useful for adding shinies to cards. They were just fun and easy to make, I don’t really have plans for them. I ran out of the flower sequins, which I tend to use the most of, but I can’t remember where I bought them. I’ll keep an eye out I suppose.
To make these, get a bunch of mini brads and layer anything with a hole. I only had gold, so my combinations were slightly limited, but pink, blue, red, dark purple and green works well.
Still coiling some paper occasionally. The ones above were crimped using a corrugator, which is fun to use. It seems to make the quilling look more like flowers or basketweave, I think.
I like how changing one thing, whether its the texture or the width of the paper, can create a great deal more possibilities and combinations. It’s like that with most crafts. We’re given the tools, it’s the combination of how we put it together that makes it unique.

Day #105


Mini craft fair again today! Got me some supplies including this gorgeous girl of a stamp. I got a butterfly stamp, too. After that, some novelty brads, a tape runner, two sticker sheets, some diamonties and a creepy doorstop, I ran out of money.
It was cold today and I had to do homework so I only did a bit of drawing, mainly outlining and colouring. I’m practicing for a piece of art for another competition due in July, but I want to prepare as much as possible. Prep work has never been a stong point of mine, even in high school when it was required to fill a large sketch book of ideas. I wouldn’t get marked too high because they were a quarter filled, and the end image looked nothing like my ideas beforehand. That and I can never seem to recreate my own artwork.

Day #104


Fanart- my drawing, not my character. Toshiro Hitsugaya from the anime Bleach.
Now that’s cleared up, I went shopping today! I was in town and picked some supplies up and had lunch with my partner.
At the craft store I got some cheap Christmas scrapbook paper that matched some stamps I already have, some new quilling paper and some Amy Tangerine stamps. One of the stamps says “all you need is love &” so I wrote kittens and oxygen on the test stamping.
At the art store I was struggling not to buy copics. It will be so much better to wait and buy them bulk. But I’m not good at waiting.
Instead, I bought two prismacolour pencils, some artist trading cards, and a nice grey toned small sketchbook. I love working on mid-tone paper, and the prismacolours work beautifully on the paper.
I realised while drawing this evening how much more I like drawing on paper over using my tablet with the computer. I’m attempting to complete a picture for a competition that needs to be digital, but I’ve lost interest, although I’ve only got a couple of days to submit it. I’ll try and get it done. I’m not really there to win, just to have a goal to focus on.

Day #103


Been doing some absent minded quilling while watching things lately and have a whole bunch of lovely random coloured coins. Today I think I graduated to basic shapes!
I made this tutu inspired by one made by the frugal crafter on YouTube. She made the bodice in white and it was from memory so its rather different. I wanted to make a bow but the one I made was too big for the dress but still cute for a project.
Then I realised I have a lot of orange strips, so I made a carrot. I was going to make an orange, but that might look like another coin. Maybe I’ll make it into legal tender if I ever own a country.