Day #118


I wish I felt this awake during the day! I just spent a couple of hours sorting beads and stuff for my craft room. If it wasn’t for the fact that my back will pay for it and that I was worried I’d wake my partner up, I’d have kept going. It’s nowhere near completion and I still can’t find so many things but I’ll get there.
So I began making a lucky dip cars prompt box. I cut up words, themes, relationships, sketches and occasions, and threw them all in a box. The idea is to pick out two or more pieces of paper and create a card. I know a lot of combinations won’t work, such as daughter/valentines or pirate/sympathy, but I like to attempt what I call forced association. This is when you find two completely random ideas and make it work, find the common ground. It’s hard to explain, but you can do this with pictures. Find two pictures at random and try to find similarities. Sketch a new picture merging them together. You may use the colours of one, but the objects of the other. With cards, you may have a ninja theme with the pink glittery prompt or Gothic Christmas. It’s a challenge which is what I need sometimes.


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