Day #113


I did quite a few bits today, including some tidying in the “Craft Cave” as my partner calls it. Unfortunately since an update to the wordpress app a while ago I can only seem to add one picture in the post when using my phone, so you only get to see one.
Yesterday, I went bought these cheap metallic embroidery threads that were just really beautiful. I’ve had many issues with using these to embroider, so I used today to come up with other ways to use them. Firstly I knitted with them. The small swatch is as far as I got using 1.25mm needles before my hands died. Then I thought of laying them in lines as a background to a punched image. I was thinking on how to do this when I decided to knot a friendship bracelet instead. That worked nicely. Then I used a beading loom to weave some red and gold. I’m not good at keeping a consistent tension whilst weaving so it didnt work too well.
After this I changed location in the house, so I decided to change to card and paper embellishment making. Last night I couldn’t sleep and came up with a long list of themes that I could make little designs for. I made one coffee cup before I came up with the idea of a mini banner builder.
Basically, I cut out a bunch of banner triangles and put them in tiny bags. So I can mix and match and add letters and gems or whatever to make an easy banner on cards. Like a banner kit made out of patterned papers and I could use up tiny scraps.
Thing is I’ve never had the want to use banners on my cards before. Might try it out. Might be lack of sleep. I get way too excited about things that I couldn’t be bothered doing.

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