Day #110


So…incase you didn’t notice, my days happen every few days. This is mainly because I’m trying to focus on my game development course and usually only have to time to dabble or doodle that aren’t really worth writing about. Another reason is if I’m making something for someone.
Last night, as I was trying to sleep, I came up with an idea to organise my clear stamps. So today I put it into action. Well part of it. Apparently I have a lot of stamps. So, what I did was choose a theme, such as flowers, butterflies or birthdays, and stamp out all stamps in that genre onto printer paper. Then I laminated it, leaving a perfect surface for stamps to stick to. Of course they’re all backwards when they’re on there, but its easy enough to tell what’s what. The problem with laminating is that they’re too big to fit in the plastic sleeves of the folder I was going to put them in. I may have to trim the sides.
While going through my stamps, I discovered two more stamps. Possibly due to heat, but one was still gooey and stuck everywhere. I really have to sort them soon, so I don’t lose any more.

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